Learn the life lessons you didn't in school, all in one place.

Gone are the days of saying "why didn't they teach me this in school?". With The Adulting Manual, you'll learn all the things about life you didn't even realize you needed to know. Say hello to a new, educated future.


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What topics does our ebook cover?

Money & Taxes

Credit cards, budgeting, stocks, investing, savings, improving your credit score, student loans, spending habits, taxes, scammers & fraud

Home & Auto

Renting, mortgages, purchasing a home, medical & auto insurance, home improvement, car maintenance

Career & Personal Growth

Negotiation, employer packages, resume writing, building confidence, interviewing, decision making, networking

Welcome to the club

We know how challenging it is to get answers to all your burning questions (we're still learning too!). There's nothing more frustrating than going down a deep rabbit hole on the internet only to hit a dead end.

That's why we created this ebook and paired it with a community filled with people just like you. We make it easy and fun to find all the answers so you can make small, steady changes and enhance your social circle in the process. Take control of your finances. Take control of your home. Take control of your future.

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